[Live Review] JACK JOHNSON (Sydney)

Sydney Opera House Thursday November 30, 2017 : The Sydney Opera House has to be the most unique and beautiful venue for a gig that I can imagine, and I was lucky enough to attend the first of Jack Johnson’s Continue reading [Live Review] JACK JOHNSON (Sydney)

[Live Review] JOSH PYKE + BOB EVANS (Newcastle)

48 Watt Street, Newcastle Thursday December 8, 2016 : It was on a balmy Thursday evening when two of Australian music’s hardest working sons took to one of Newcastle’s newest music venues. With decades of experience between then, Josh Pyke and Continue reading [Live Review] JOSH PYKE + BOB EVANS (Newcastle)

[Live Review] JOSH PYKE

Lizotte’s, Newcastle Thursday August 11, 2016 : It was music, food and a jovial mood at Lizotte’s on Thursday night as stalwart Sydney troubadour, Josh Pyke, took to the stage for the second show of a two-night stint at the Continue reading [Live Review] JOSH PYKE

[Live Review] PASSENGER (Sydney)

Enmore Theatre, Sydney Thursday February 25, 2016 : In the already packed Enmore Theatre, Luke Thompson, with a soulful voice smoother than Kraft peanut butter, was warming up the stage. “There’s too many of you, some of you can leave,” Continue reading [Live Review] PASSENGER (Sydney)