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Lilen is a writer and photographer with interests in music, lifestyle, travel, film and sports. She is an aficionado of rock music from the classics to the downright heavy. You can read more by clicking the link to her blog above.


He’s been described as a visionary musician and a master of performance. His music has captured millions and his desire to create has barely stopped to pause. Along with his various side projects and creative dalliances with other musicians, STEVE Continue reading [Interview] STEVEN WILSON

[Live Review] BIRDS OF TOKYO

Spectrum Now Festival, The Domain, Sydney Friday March 11, 2016 : There’s a unique energy confined by the pop-up tent in The Domain. Despite some dull lighting, a couple of tacky chandeliers and a certain stuffiness in the room, the Continue reading [Live Review] BIRDS OF TOKYO


Enmore Theatre, Sydney Tuesday February 25, 2014 : A slight mistime means I only get to see the last song of Walking Papers, which is a shame because the three piece featuring Duff McKagen ply a very decent muscular, melodic Continue reading [Live Review] ALICE IN CHAINS + DOWN + WALKING PAPERS

[Live Review] NILE

Manning Bar, Sydney Friday November 15th, 2013 : There aren’t many bands that can match the auditory power and technical prowess of Tech-Death masters, Nile. Promoting the 2012 release, At the Gates of Sethu, Nile were welcomed guests in Sydney Continue reading [Live Review] NILE

[Live Review] ENSLAVED (Sydney)

Manning Bar, Sydney Saturday November 2, 2013 : Black metal is an undeniably ambiguous form of extreme music, taking many shapes and styles from a broad aspect of influences including thrash, punk and classical music. In essence, the black metal Continue reading [Live Review] ENSLAVED (Sydney)

[Live Review] BEHEMOTH

The Manning Bar, Sydney Saturday 26 October, 2013 : When it comes to fusing theatricality and suspense, Behemoth are the masters of stagecraft. With only a subtle blue light illuminating the floor and the scent of incense in the air, Continue reading [Live Review] BEHEMOTH


Metro Theatre, Sydney Friday October 11, 2013 : It was an opening that could only be described as “true Devin style” – a compilation of ridiculous YouTube videos portraying hilarious moments of human embarrassment. From looping videos of models falling Continue reading [Live Review] DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT (Sydney)


Metro Theatre, Sydney Thursday October 3, 2013 : As with any unique performance, it is difficult for words to truly encompass the diversity and eloquent originality of a show such as this. A master of many projects, modern prog-rock mastermind Continue reading [Live Review] STEVEN WILSON

[Live Review] KVELERTAK

Manning Bar, Sydney Sunday September 15, 2013 : Sunday night in Sydney and Kvelertak hit the stage, lead man Erlend Hjelvik wearing a beautifully ludicrous headpiece made of an owl with glowing red eyes and taking his six man wrecking Continue reading [Live Review] KVELERTAK