[Single Review] SPARE PAGES – Illuminate

Formed in 2016, Spare Pages sees Lake Macquarie songstress, Emily Rex partner up with American poet, Azure Antoinette. On their debut record, First, Listen, Spare Pages brought spoken word to pop music, and in turn received a Grammy Nomination in the Continue reading [Single Review] SPARE PAGES – Illuminate

[CD Review] BIRDS OF TOKYO – Brace

Birds of Tokyo are a band that never stand still, never rest on their highly successful laurels, they do something very different with each release. It’s challenging to their listeners, but it’s obviously the way they wish to create their Continue reading [CD Review] BIRDS OF TOKYO – Brace

[CD Review] KORN – The Serenity of Suffering

KoRn are undeniably the band that led the whole ‘nu-metal’ movement in the 90s, arguably the most mindlessly maligned genre in history. And now here they are, over two decades later, still making great records, putting on monstrous live shows Continue reading [CD Review] KORN – The Serenity of Suffering

[CD Review] SUPERHEIST – Ghost of the Social Dead

When bands go on lengthy hiatuses, then come back with a new album and tour, we the fans often find ourselves asking ‘is it worth it?’ In the case of Melbourne nu-metal legends Superheist, the answer is a resounding ‘abso-bloody-lutely’. Continue reading [CD Review] SUPERHEIST – Ghost of the Social Dead


Nonagon Infinity opens the door – opens the door to what? A mindless frameshift that weaves its way between tracks to give you a uniformly charged melody that never ends. The psychedelic garage rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Continue reading [CD Review] KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD – Nonagon Infinity

[CD Review] DMAs – Hills End

A bit like the way singer, Tommy O’Dell accidentally discovered his vocal talent, DMA’s debut album is refreshing, a bit of a surprise, but mostly pretty chill. A bit Brit-pop, 90’s garage and grunge rock n’ roll, DMA’s find their Continue reading [CD Review] DMAs – Hills End

[CD Review] JEFF BUCKLEY – You and I

Unabashed Buckley fan here. Grace is among my favourite albums of all time, by anyone, and I count myself as being incredibly fortunate to have seen the man play live, back in ’96 about a year before he passed away. Continue reading [CD Review] JEFF BUCKLEY – You and I

[CD Review] VIOLENT SOHO – Wako

Not dissimilar to the response a crowd has at a live Violent Soho show, the fourth studio album from the quartet is a pretty tactile experience. The album title itself warrants enough of a visceral reaction, named after the Texas Continue reading [CD Review] VIOLENT SOHO – Wako

[CD Review] CHAIRLIFT – Moth

A third studio album for Brooklyn natives and synthpop duo, Chairlift, Moth is a vibrant, enigmatic collection of songs – random but altogether consistent. With strong and adaptable female vocalist, Caroline Polachek carrying the weighted emotional lyrics the album features Continue reading [CD Review] CHAIRLIFT – Moth

[CD Review] SHINEDOWN – Threat To Survival

Shinedown have a distinctive sound, from the beats of their drums, to the undeniable vocals of Brent Smith. While instantly recognising this trademark sound, Shinedown have challenged the norm enough to keep it interesting. ‘Cut the Cord’ is one of a Continue reading [CD Review] SHINEDOWN – Threat To Survival