[Film Review] GRIMSBY

Sasha Baron Cohen has quite and unusual sense of humour that tends to shock and make you cringe at times. With his cast of somewhat questionable characters such as Borat, Bruno and most recently The Dictator. In this new venture Continue reading [Film Review] GRIMSBY

[Film Review] Zoolander 2

In the ’90s there was only one name in fashion. That name was Derek Zoolander and he was the world’s most ridiculously good looking male model. Fifteen years later and after several tragedies in his life, including child services taking Continue reading [Film Review] Zoolander 2


The story of the legendary white whale Moby Dick has long fascinated readers. Even though the initial publication was not very popular in its day, it has become some what of a legendary tale over the 20th Century. In the Continue reading [Film Review] IN THE HEART OF THE SEA

[Film Review] JOY

Rarely in life do we ever get to achieve all the goals that we set ourselves as children and our dreams seem to fall by the way side as life catches up. Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) is the story of one Continue reading [Film Review] JOY

[Film Review] GONE GIRL

GONE GIRL REVIEW 3.5/5 A wild psychological thriller that keeps you guessing up until the very last scene, GONE GIRL is definitely a film that stays with you long after you’ve left the cinema. Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Continue reading [Film Review] GONE GIRL

[Film Review] THE WORLD’S END

Directed by: Edgar Wright Written by: Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan, Martin Freeman, and Rosamund Pike You are so blind! You so do not understand! You weren’t there at the beginning. Continue reading [Film Review] THE WORLD’S END

[Film Review] MONSOON SHOOTOUT (Sydney Film Festival)

The emerging genre of Hindi-noir was brought to Sydney’s shores in the form of Monsoon Shootout, a film directed by Amit Kumar. Monsoon Shootout is a classic hard-boiled, enigmatic pastiche channeling the tempo of crime in Mumbai, slumlords and tough cops. Focusing Continue reading [Film Review] MONSOON SHOOTOUT (Sydney Film Festival)

[Film Review] STOKER (Sydney Film Festival)

This year’s Sydney Film Festival showcased the products of the most talented directors and industry professionals. Korean director Park Chan-Wook delivered a premiere of his latest film, Stoker, a chilling portrayal of the loss of one adolescent’s innocence following the Continue reading [Film Review] STOKER (Sydney Film Festival)

[Film Review] FOR THOSE IN PERIL (Sydney Film Festival)

The line up to the premiere of this Scottish film directed by Paul Wright was so long that it became a matter of those in peril lining up to see For Those in Peril. And those who braved lengthy queues Continue reading [Film Review] FOR THOSE IN PERIL (Sydney Film Festival)

[Film Review] THE LAND OF HOPE (Sydney Film Festival preview)

In the fictional town of Nagashima, an earthquake causes a devastating tsunami and damages a nearby nuclear power plant, leading to the evacuation of much of the town. Local farmer Yasuhiko Ono (Natsuyagi) and his family are initially considered safe Continue reading [Film Review] THE LAND OF HOPE (Sydney Film Festival preview)