[CD Review] DMAs – Hills End

DMAs Hills End-2

A bit like the way singer, Tommy O’Dell accidentally discovered his vocal talent, DMA’s debut album is refreshing, a bit of a surprise, but mostly pretty chill.

A bit Brit-pop, 90’s garage and grunge rock n’ roll, DMA’s find their footing in the nostalgia of stripped back, honest and beautifully curated music. With a vocalist who’s voice is at once as smooth as honey, but equally gruff and earnest, the simplistic but emotive lyrics are a contrast to the ass-y attitude of the high-energy, heady bass.

A synergy of acoustic guitar, crashing cymbals and gravelly electronic guitar, the record is reminiscent of English rockers like Oasis and The Whitlams. Marrying a care-free attitude to music created with a pure talent and modest approach, the music produced by the trio feels relatable and warm.

With bigger bangers like ‘Too Soon’, ‘Lay Down’ and ‘In The Moment’ to satisfy your sing-along and groove muscle, the slower, heartbreakers, like ‘Delete’ and ‘Blown Away’ offer a shade of blue, moody break-up tune.

Hills End is an awesome first album from these seasoned, well-lived rockers. Choosing to live life a little before sharing their wisdom, their candid, heartfelt, love for the music and the matter, oozes through the tracks with every strum and every word.

Reviewer: Marley Tinnock

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