[CD Review] THE HEAD AND THE HEART – Let’s Be Still


A band that seems to have a great amount of dedicated fans, The Head And The Heart still manage to fly under the radar, unlike similar acts Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes. This still confuses me to this day, for as much as I do enjoy the aforementioned, this writer feels that there is so much more to enjoy with The Head And The Heart.

Their second full length, Let’s Be Still, takes a turn in a different direction compared to their 2011 self titled album. This is definitely not a bag thing. With charming production and no filler, Let’s Be Still is definitely a highlight for me in 2013.

Lead single ‘Another Story’, with it’s calming pace and luscious falsetto in the chorus, is the highlight of the album. Dual vocals and harmonies that equal that of Lennon/McCartney softly sail through your ears and keep you still for four and a half minutes. (pun intended).

Although slower in pace than it’s predecessor, Let’s Be Still is a full on, well thought out and layered album. The album maintains consistency through eclectic song styles. This is demonstrated with songs such as the stripped back vocal/acoustic ‘These Days Are Numbered’ to the up beat and slightly distorted ‘Summertime’. Maintaining such consistency through these different tones is no easy feat but The Head and The Heart have done it with ease!

Easily one of my top 10 albums of this year.

Reviewer: Sean Degan