The story of the legendary white whale Moby Dick has long fascinated readers. Even though the initial publication was not very popular in its day, it has become some what of a legendary tale over the 20th Century.

In the Heart of the Sea is the story of the whaling ship the, Essex, that was destroyed and sunk by legendary whale Moby Dick. On the hunt for valuable whale oil the ship is brutally attacked by a large vengeful whale on the hunt to destroy the remains of the crew that have so brutally murdered one of his pod. Not content with simply destroying the ship, Moby Dick sets out to finish everybody off as they drift in small boats to find land and inevitable rescue. To survive the crew must do unthinkable things, as they find out that drifting on the sea can be an unforgivable place.

Whilst the movie boasts some pretty interesting special effects and a cast that went to great lengths to lose weight to appear authentic, the story itself is hardly believable. A white whale that would breach in an act of revenge is highly unlikely. Whilst the leviathans of the sea do travel in pods, male sperm whales usually are not part of the pod, so it seems a little fabricated that this would happen. But legend grows when events like this take place, blurring fact with fiction to create a story that most people will enjoy.

Director Ron Howard does managed to assemble a decent cast with Chris Hemsworth at the helm, but like most other Howard films, the film is good, but not great. It is somewhat enjoyable but a little forgettable, with the story line not fleshing out much in the way of character development or allowing the audience to really connect. It seems to just pace through letting the events unfold, not really captivating.

In a time where we look down on whaling as something being barbaric, it is good to see a triumphant whale doing its best to win the war on its human predators.

Reviewer: Amanda Starkey