[Interview] REAL FRIENDS

As Illinois punk popsters, REAL FRIENDS, prepare for their July / August Australian tour, we caught up with bassist KYLE FASEL to see how their latest release, The Home Inside My Head, translates on the live stage.

You guys have been touring pretty hard this year. How have the shows been so far?
Shows have been very sick. Our headlining US tour this year was my favorite tour to date. We hadn’t properly headlined in the US since 2014. The tour exceeded our expectations. It was rewarding to say the least. Very excited for what’s to come for other tours this year.

How are you feeling about your upcoming Australian tour dates?
Honestly Australia is my favorite place to play overseas. We have always had a blast there. We are so stoked to come back. It’s been two years since we were there. Very stoked!

How have fans received the new album in a live atmosphere over the past year?
I think music is a little different than it was a few years back with people really getting to know songs. There’s so many bands out there! We found some people not listening to our album for almost a year after it’s release date. Now the album has been out for over a year and we are feeling the new songs are up to par in a live setting with all the others. Our newer song ‘Mess’ is my favorite one to play live. It gets the best reaction.

Tell us about your favourite parts of touring Australia?
The fans of course! They’re great. Australia has always supported us so hard. I remember sending online merch orders to Australia in 2012. It seemed so out of the questions to ever go there then. Fast forward five years later and here we are. And the vegetarian food is awesome in Australia. That helps. We love Lord Of The Fries!!!

What can fans expect from your live show?
We really try to make our live shows as casual as possible. We want it to feel like we’re all hanging out. Without the fans there, well there wouldn’t be a show. We’re all on the same level. It’s all about letting go of any troubles and having a good time at our shows.

What is next for Real Friends following your upcoming tour?
We have been writing a ton for a new album. That’s our main focus for the year. We’re also doing Uk and Europe with Neck Deep and As It Is.

Tell us about some of the challenges of international touring?
The plane rides are always tough. The flight to Australia is always the worst, yet so worth it. It’s pretty much two days in Airports and on a plane. It’s also typically hard to find good food vegetarian food overseas. We don’t run into that in Australia though.

You recently announced that it has been 4 years since the release of Put Yourself Back Together. How does it feel to reflect on the past 4 years as a band?
It amazes me everyday. I’m not sure this will all ever feel normal. It’s crazy to think where we have been over the post four years because of our songs. Music is crazy, man.

Thanks so much for your time! Anything that you would like to add finally?
Just a big thank you to all of our fans. We are nothing without you. Keep telling your friends about us!

Real Friends, with Columbus and Harbours, are playing at The Brightside, Brisbane, QLD, July 27th; Phoenix Arts Theatre, Brisbane, July 28th; The Factory Theatre, Sydney, NSW, July 29th; YMCA HQ, Perth, WA **, July 31st; Rosemount Hotel, Perth, WA, August 1st **; Fowler’s Live, Adelaide, SA, August 2nd; The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne, VIC, August 3rd; Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne, VIC, August 4th. [** Columbus not performing]

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