Newcastle Panthers
Sunday March 31, 2013 :

Easter Sunday is usually a day of drinking and spending time with the ones you love, and this day in Newcastle was no different. Well, maybe a little louder. It definitely was an Easter Sunday we soon won’t forget.

As Frank Turner hit the stage and strummed the first notes of ‘If I Ever Stray’, you could see love hearts form in the eyes of ever female and male in the packed out hall at Newcastle Panthers. Luckily for Frank, being a supporting act for this show didn’t mean the same reception supporting acts usually get, as most people knew and loved Frank and his work. And from the reaction of the crowd the ones who didn’t now do. Playing a set covering most of his releases, Frank wooed the audience with his smooth voice and charming ways proving that he could most definitely hold his own doing a headlining tour.

Now for the main event, Dropkick Murphys. What is there to say about this punk driven, Irish rocking band that hasn’t been said before? Well, according to this review, about 200 words worth. Having just released their new album Signed and Sealed In Blood, DM were ready to grace the stage with said album’s opening track, ‘The Boys are Back’ immediately involving the audience with the opening chant and hand claps. As clichéd as this sounds, the crowd went wild when the band kicked into the song with every single body on the floor moving like there was no tomorrow.

A solid 26 song set showed the fans that DM appreciated getting the chance to once again play for us. The band showed pride with in their new album by playing nine tracks from the album, and spoiled die hard fans with a great selection from their back catalog. Fan favourite, ‘I’m Shipping Up To Boston’, proved to be the real second coming on this Easter Sunday as Frank Turner hit the stage with boys for three minutes of glory. Closing their encore with AC/DC’s classic ‘TNT’ and ‘Citizen C.I.A.’, Dropkick Murphys proved to be as strong, relevant and as fun as they have always been.

From the circle dancing to the ska kicking to the ever so old school moshing, the crowd showed their thanks as the band reciprocated. Without a dry mouth or sober eye in the place, this easily set the bar for the rest of the tours to come through Newcastle.

 Reviewer: Sean Degan