[Live Review] FUTURE OF THE LEFT (Sydney)

Oxford Art Factory
Saturday January 13, 2018 :

I arrived at Oxford Art Factory in time to catch Melbourne outfit Batpiss, who have been on Poison City Records roster for a while. This pop punk trio sounded rowdy vocally but great amount of effort was clearly put into the music, especially guitar. I recognised their song ‘Tell Them My Name is X’ straight away and it got a few dedicated fans at the front moving. Batpiss were probably the most suitable opener for Future of The Left I could think of.

Starting the show with some technical difficulties and running behind schedule, Future of The Left finally made it to stage kicking off with ‘Lord Hates A Coward’ off Curses (2007) while making a comment about front row fan who wouldn’t stop pointing his finger up “Stop alerting the snipers here mate” which some might find insensible, but only if you don’t know this band’s shows well enough.

Future of the Left always pour their all into their shows, it’s never a job half done, having Julia Ruzicka back on home soil and looking as gracious as ever slaying the bass was a sight to see. Jack Egglestone on drums, smashing the cymbals and pulling questionable faces couldn’t be more fitting for the show. Andy Falcons savage satire fuelled on stage banter is probably on of the best things about Future of The Left shows.

We used to dedicate this song to Tony Abbott on our previous Australian visits, but now it doesn’t seem to be fitting so we are dedicating this one to the devil who’s got Tony Abbott’s ass” Falkous announced before playing ‘You Need Satan More Than He Needs You’ (2009) The black humour and the satire is never-ending at their shows, which does keep the crowd amused and gives the fans a break from heavy moshing and crowd surfing.

What is Steven Patrick Morrissey’s favourite song?” Falkous jokingly asked, to which one of the fans yelled out, “What is your favourite Robocop film?” “Hang on, don’t spoil it, Dad, come on Dad, f*ck me. Turning up here with ya…I love ya Dad. You know what movie is that, Dad!….It was funnier when I used to do Margaret Thatcher anyway, so in conclusion : what’s your favourite film?,” immediately started growling the lyrics to ‘Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop’ (2012). Don’t know if this is still Falkous or Henry Rollins?

The crowd loves this sort of interaction, they get the music, but they also get to hear Andy Falkous voicing, maybe jokingly, about all of his concerns about humanity of nowadays. If you make a comment, very loudly, from front row, he is going to make sure to snub you, make fun of you and answer every comment you make.

The ever venomous vocals of the refrain “Add another finger to your English breakfast, you army surplus motherfucker.” in ‘Eating For None’ off The Peace & Truce of Future of The Left (2016) the energy is insane, the sweat is pouring by the bucketload, the steam is rising from the filled up venue – everyone’s smitten and maybe a little bit confused, Faulko’s lyrics never sounded more poignant. When the band announced that its going to be their last 2 songs: “One is going to be 1:40 minutes long and the other is going to be 18 minutes long” the crowd went crazy because it totally meant a mash up of a slow and deep ‘French Lessons’ off How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident (2013) / ‘Singing of the Bonesaws’ (2013) / ‘Lapsed Catholics’ off Travels with Myself and Another (2009) & finally the complete dismantling of the drum kit, the chaos and the ruckus of ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’ – Andy Falkous’ former band’s McLusky cover – it was insane!!

The band are hard workers and their hard work pays off with the love and the anticipation their fan base gives them. Falkous is a satire wordsmith and their lo-fi aesthetic sound makes your blood pump and your heart race. What work out? I don’t need one, I just went to a Future of The Left show!

Reviewer and Photographer : Annette Geneva



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