[Live Review] JAPANDROIDS (Sydney)

Factory Theatre, Sydney
Friday July 14, 2017

Body Type took the stage on Friday night at the Factory with their moody garage sounds. That’s not an insult either, I dig their style, and the early punters seemed to enjoy swaying in the accustomed way you would to a lo-fi all girl quartet.

Being neither droids or from Japan I came into the show wondering what else they have lied to me about. The Canadian two-piece took to the stage with arguably their most popular track ‘Never to the Wild Heart of Life’ and it got me all fired up (get it cause the lyrics). Almost immediately I learnt two things, lead singer and guitarist Brian King felt the floor was filthy and needed a good spit shine, and that drummer David Prowse pulled off a difficult side profile position front left of stage.

Japandroids are chin out music, they are loud and not trying to be complicated, and with only two members there is no place to hide and King is definitely aware, moving about fast and hard to keep the audience engaged. The crowd is right there with them, for most of the night I rarely see a phone out taking pictures which is a true rarity at a gig now. The set is long, there is a slight drop in liveliness in the room towards the middle, but the energy is regained and then some when the boys pump out ‘The Nights of Wine And Roses’. King announces they will attempt to play ‘I’m Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)’ for the first time, it’s short and sweet and feels like it’s over before it began, if it had been pushed out it would have been one of my favourites of the night.

The night comes to a close with ‘The House That Heaven Built’, with a perfect sing along finale for the crowd. Japandroids may have misled me with their name but they deliver with their show.

Reviewer and Photographer : Amy Heycock



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