[Live Review] PUSCIFER (Brisbane)

Pucifer - credit Sam Paquette - 6

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Thursday January 26, 2017 :

To suggest that Puscifer lead singer, Maynard James Keenan, is enigmatic could land you the “Understatement of the Year” award. Perhaps my job of capturing his image informs my sentiment a tad but man it feels like it has run its course..!

Easily the darkest gig I’ve had to shoot in the last 10 years, this was entirely by design, the man for what ever reason guards his appearance intently.

The show itself was everything we have come to expect from Tool’s famed frontman, super tight and polished performances by handpicked masters of their craft. Neither he nor his entourage it can be said mess around when it’s down to business. With nothing short of a stunning array of sonic terrain traversed from moments of thoughtful grace and wist to a virtual maelstrom of intensely bestowed causes for introspection and most everything in between.

Maynard’s one time Muse, Ms Carina Round, it must be said holds court magnificently, saturating the entire void with her haunting sweet expressions, their chemistry transcendent as each effortlessly edifies the other moment to moment without a word.

All the while an ever growing and changing ensemble of performers, ensconced in glorious Mexican wrestling attire and the athleticism to accompany, flipped and flailed across the altar to the delight of the mostly entranced crowd. I’m equally mesmerised at times by Maynard’s hypnotic swaying in the shadows as he crouches from side to side, knees bent and gesturing with his hands in a manner part martial artist, part airport traffic controller, all the while reminding me somehow of a South Park self parody..

Gratefully applauding their every gesture, Brisbane’s faithful were blessed with an impeccable and immersive set of Puscifer’s finest moments. Most notably several superb reworkings from V is for Vagina, some heavier offerings from Conditions and a stunning rendition of ‘Grand Canyon’ off their latest, Money Shot, that electrified the crowd and caught this reviewer by surprise with its evocative live presence.

As I drove back down the freeway, the ethereal zeal remained as I pondered the likely absurdities one might observe while spending any extended period of time with a group of individuals, such as those that I had just witnessed.

Reviewer and Photographer : Quenched

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