[Live Review] SUZI QUATRO (Sydney)

Bella Vista Park, Sydney
Sunday February 4, 2018 :

Well after the predicted rain, the day proved to be a good one for the concert at the Bella Vista Farm. I had never been to this venue but I was impressed, it was a well organised event! From the view of the stage, to the short waits for service at the food stalls and Bar, to the ample parking and abundance of toilets, I have to say it was the best venue of its kind that I have attended.

The crowd were great, and numbers were obviously kept to a limit so that it was comfortable for all. Due the the line up it was mainly a crowd of fifty somethings, who know how to party but not out of hand.

The day started with Matt Cornell and then Moving Pictures, who got the crowd started. Next was Chocolate Starfish with Adam Thompson coming out dressed in red & black leather kilt and an attitude that he has retained from the early days of the band, with high energy and plenty of crowd interaction. They played some of their old favourites such as ‘Mountain’ and their cover of ‘You’re So Vain’, and some songs off a new album they have released.

Then came The Screaming Jets, who turned things up a notch, with Dave Gleeson belting it out with his high energy and cheeky comments, and the crowd was alive. They played the favourites such as ‘Better’ and ‘October Grey’, and the crowd were singing along to song after song and people up the back were out of their seats. By the time the Baby Animals arrived on stage the crowd was definitely alive and kicking. Suze DeMarchi was owning the stage and they played many old favourites with ‘Early Warning’ being a crowd pleaser.

Dave Gleeson then once again graced the stage as front man for The Angels. Two of the next generation Brewster’s were also part of the line up on drums and bass to form a stellar performance of all the old hits with the crowd singing along to every one!!! They played everything from ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ and ‘No Secrets’, to ‘Marseilles’ and ‘Shadow Boxer’. Dave was definitely channeling the late Doc Neeson for this performance.

Finally, as the sun was starting to set the inimitable Suzi Quatro graced the stage, with the ease and grace of a well seasoned performer. She began the set with ‘Wild One’, and had the crowd eating out of her hands in no time, with a great Aussie band backing her up. She called Dave Gleeson once again onto the stage where they performed a duo of ‘Our Love is Alive’, which was great. Suzi had been my 10 year old girl crush and I had seen her in concert at that time, so to now see her 43 years later, still rocking it out was a nostalgic treat, and of course she played all the old classics such as ’48 Crash’, ‘Devil Gate Drive’ and ‘Can the Can’. From where I was, right near the front, all around me the crowd were singing word for word. The multi talented artist also played drums, and did a beautiful ballad on the keyboards, there was something for everyone in this show.

Reviewer : Colette Baron
Photographer : Cherie Abdy



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