The Getaway Plan - Jessica Ward 06

The Small Ballroom, Islington
Thursday August 15, 2013 :

It’s been a tumultuous few years for The Getaway Plan. The band hit the big time and achieved commercial success with their debut, Other Voices, Other Rooms, but then inexplicably broke up when the world was at their feet. This wasn’t to last however, and the band reformed for album number two, Requiem. The band is still yet to replicate their early successes, but you can’t fault them for trying.

Now independent and armed with a new bass player and new material, The Getaway Plan returned to Newcastle after a year and a half absence. This show was a much more intimate affair than their last show at the Cambridge, which was a double-edged sword.

The band played an extended run of older material early, which was a great reminder of what got this band recognised early on. Songs like ‘Sleep Spindles’, ‘New Medicine’ and ‘Shadows’ were great sing-alongs and showcased frontman Matthew Wright’s awesome vocals.

The band’s newer material went down surprisingly well in a live setting, however my only gripe was the over-reliance on backing tracks to pull off these songs live. Used sparingly, these enhanced many elements of The Getaway Plan’s music, but backing tracks formed the backbone of a few songs which didn’t work for such an intimate environment, especially when the guitars were drowned out as a result. The band’s two newest songs were a treat to hear. ‘Mirrors’ in particular was a very welcome change of style, with some slide guitar complementing the almost-bluesy song nicely.

The band of course wrapped things up with their biggest song ‘Where the City Meets the Sea’ which is still as good as you remember it. Hopefully The Getaway Plan’s new direction will see them reach the heights they’ve previously enjoyed, if not higher.

Reviewer: Matthew Glenn
Photographer: Jessica Ward

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