Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Friday July 21, 2017 :

Last Dinosaurs took to the Hordern Pavilion stage on Friday night, providing their upbeat indie pop to an almost full room; the band did a melody of covers featuring Modjo, Sophie Ellis Baxter, Stardust and Calvin Harris. It was a little bit too pub band for me but it did get the punters dancing.

Two Door Cinema Club came out, catering to the Triple J crowd with Festival FOMO as young girls with braids and weather inappropriate attire filled the room. The band has quite an impressive lighting and stage set up with was certainly more than I expected from the Irish indie rockers, which helped create excitement in the troops.

‘Undercover Martyn’ was played early elevating the crowd, quite literally girls climbed on top of shoulders left right and center, and I really did have to check if I had accidently been transported to Splendour. It’s such a fun track but I can hardly blame them.

Lead Alex Trimble announced they would play some new tracks which received relatively good response back but did create a natural lapse, but as any fan-pleasing band knows if you want to play two new songs you have to back it up with a banger and we were rewarding with ‘Something Good Can Work’ from the 2010 album Tourist History.

Two Door Cinema Club play a tight show musically, Trimple has beautiful vocals, and he showcased his range throughout the night with falsetto tracks that where met with fangirl type screams.

The show clearly delighted the room, the long gap between their shows in Australia clearly created a buzz on the night and they managed to fill the venue with an upbeat atmosphere, which is not easy to done in the Hordern.

Reviewer and Photographer : Amy Heycock