[A Quickie With…] TWIN HAUS


You may have heard of this psychedelic progressive rock band around the local scene. Playing Brisbane festivals such Blurst Of Times Festival and Against the Grain. The Independent Brissy band who have been playing music together since High School have recently released Nothing Lavish in March 2016. With influences such as Radiohead and Led Zeppelin, lead singer Daniel Grima also has a background in Jazz and classical trumpet which can be heard on their track ‘Synthetic Egg’ along with other smooth instrumentals that include sax and french horn. Their live show is nothing short of magical, whisking you away to a place of soaring voice and fluid frequencies.

These guys emanate psychedelia through every note they play and their live show is like an hour long trip where the music takes you on a journey to every corner of your mind and out the other side. Tame Impala dreamy vibe, progress is these guys middle name, producing both a progressive musicality and progressive in the cultural sense of the word.

You can catch these guys at Deadlam Halloween event across 3 venues The Foundry, The Brightside and Blackbear Lodge in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on the 4th of November, and if you are heading along to Jungle Love festival on November 25-27th, you will be able to go on the journey that is a Twin Haus gig, with a whole lineup of amazing local Brissy bands. This is a festival you won’t want to miss.

By Kirsty-Ann Nicholls
Photo by Molly Burley

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