Ever had the frustration of flicking through your music library not knowing what you really want to listen to? I do this all the time. You know it’s time to put the music on, but you just can’t find the right artist or song to begin with.

After stumbling upon Radionomy, I thought it would be nice to put my favourite songs online as a perpetually streaming “radio station”. That way, if I am unsure who to play, I turn the radio station on and I am guaranteed to be liking the music being played. It’s mine after all. What I have realised over the past month is that I listen to the station all the time. It’s pretty cool to be saying “Yeah, I like this song” every time something comes on.

If you wish to have a listen, be my guest. REVERB RADIO

COAST FM live set / REVERB interview
Hitchcock’s Regret (interviewer : Kevin Bull, May 15, 2006)
Dinosaur Jr (interviewer: Nick Milligan, September 15, 2010)
Thursday 8pm | Sunday Midday

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12am – 5am Full Mix Full Mix
5am – 7am 70s 80s
7am – 9am 80s 90s
9am – 11am 90s 00s
11am – 1pm 00s 10s
1pm – 3pm 10s 60s
3pm – 5pm 60s 70s
5pm – 6pm New Releases New Releases
6pm – 7pm Acoustic / Chill Acoustic / Chill
7pm – 8pm 10’s 10’s
8pm – 12am Live Oz Music
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1pm – 3pm 70s 80s 90s
3pm – 5pm 80s 90s 00s
5pm – 6pm New Releases New Releases New Releases
6pm – 7pm Acoustic / Chill Acoustic / Chill Acoustic / Chill
7pm – 8pm 10’s 10’s 80s
8pm – 9pm Prog COAST FM live set / REVERB interview Dance / Hip Hop
9pm – 12am Heavy Punk / Garage Soul / Funk
12am – 5am Full Mix Full Mix Full Mix
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7am – 9am Acoustic / Chill Acoustic / Chill
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12pm – 1pm 70s / 80s COAST FM live set / REVERB interview
1pm – 3pm 70s / 80s 90s / 00s
3pm – 5pm 10’s 10’s
5pm – 6pm New Releases New Releases
6pm – 7pm Acoustic / Chill Acoustic / Chill
7pm – 12am 90s / 00s / 10s Heavy

So what are the COAST FM live sets? Well, many years ago I did some radio work at COAST FM on the Central Coast presenting a program called THE LOCKUP GARAGE (LUG). For a number of years, I would invite local artists to come in for a live set, and an interview. These are over 10 years old now and give an interesting look at the local music scene of the Central Coast and Newcastle.

And the REVERB interviews? I have copies of many of the phone interviews Reverb did while we were in print, and having this “radio station” gives me the opportunity to make these available.

If you have a listen, you will soon notice a regular 10 second “scratch” that drops in every 15 minutes. I was looking for something that would signify “Reverb Radio”, and I found this little piece from the LUG radio days. For me, when I hear this, it takes me back to those days and feels just right for a station promo.

You will also notice Cypress Hill’s ‘Hits From The Bong’ gets played every 30 minutes (well, it’s about a two minute edit). This has been used as a mandatory “filler” that the programming uses to keep everything running on time, and I have the ability to add any sound file I like to be a filler. I thought a HFTB might go down well.

Up until the middle of August 2017, my total number of songs allowed is 1000. Then it goes up to 3000. I’ll tell you now that having a limit of 1000 songs is quite difficult, and I have noticed whole genres being missed (Britpop, Manchester). There are also some songs that I would be happy to have in the 3000, but maybe not in the 1000.

It’s been interesting to see the “boxes” that these songs fall into. The decades, the genres, the whole process has been quite enlightening. As it has turned out, the 70s are currently quite heavily weighted (37%). This is due to Soul/Funk, and the Nuggets boxset being included. The 90s also is up there with 19% all due of my love of Grunge.

I’ve also tried to include Live cuts where I can. I’ve has a good look through my entire library and was surprise just how many Live recordings I had. Currently it is at 30% of the playlist and I would like to keep it there once we go to 3000 songs.

I was surprised to have the Australian content at only 30% but I have put this down to the heavily weighted 70s, and the Oz 80s pub rock not being represented as it should be.

There is a New Releases program, and the songs played here are not included anywhere else throughout the day. When it is time to move them out of the New Releases program, I’ll decide whether they should be included within the general playlist.

So if you happen to be still reading, you may as well have a listen. REVERB RADIO