[Live Gallery] HANSON (SYDNEY)

Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Wednesday June 21, 2017 :

Welcome to a Hanson show my friends. 95% screaming females and the other 5% are screaming on the inside but still as stoked. Far removed from what people think a Hanson show would be, the room is filled with people of all ages. Parents with their kids and everyone in between. Tonight was not just a Hanson show. Tonight was a celebration of Hanson’s 25 years of music.

Not only did we get the greatest hits such as ‘Mmmbop’ and ‘This Time Around’, we also got some deep cuts like ‘Hey’ from their album Underneath and my personal favourite ‘Madeline’ from their debut Middle of Nowhere.

The three brothers and their tight as hell backing band smashed through this amazing catalogue of music with precision. Blasting all “boy band” stereotypes away, Hanson showed their ability to rock a sold out Enmore theatre. Not only have the boys mastered their instruments, they have nailed the 3 part harmony. They displayed this during an A Capella version of Bobby Day’s ‘Rockin Robin’.

Closing with the aptly titled ‘Lost Without Each Other’, the band really sums up how we all feel. Hanson were my first ever “favourite” band and I’ve followed them ever since. If it wasn’t for them I doubt I’d be as passionate about music as I am and without all the dedicated fans, Hanson wouldn’t be here smashing up 25 years of rad music!!

If their new track ‘I Was Born’ is anything to go by, after the greatest hits release, it seems Hanson are keen to get cracking at another 25 years.

Reviewer : Sean Degan
Photographer : Alicia Slephenson

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