[Live Review] ALI BARTER (Sydney)

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Wednesday September 28, 2017 :

Moaning Lisa came out first to the early punters, followed by Kane Strang and his three-piece band hailing from New Zealand. Playing tracks from 2016 debut album, Blue Cheese such as ‘Things Are Never Simple’, Strang’s melancholy garage sound comes off a lot heavier live in the Oxford Art Factory. The band’s haircuts and stage presence are trying to say “I don’t care” but Strang’s lyrics tell me otherwise, especially in his arguably most popular song ‘My Smile Is Extinct’. The young songwriter did a good job prepping the crowd for the headliner; UK fans should definitely get around their upcoming tour.

Ali Barter took to the stage as her beautiful self and it took everything in me not to yell out “What highlighter do you use!” She showed more stage presence than in previous shows and comfortably bantered with the crowd.

Tracks from Barter’s latest release A Suitable Girl like ‘Cigarette’ and ‘Light Them On Fire’ sparked energy in the crowd, and older songs such as ‘Far Away’ still held strong. ‘One Foot In’ was a highlight, for me it shows Barter’s effortless cool whilst still highlighting her songwriting talents.

Barter saved her radio hit ‘Girlie Bits’ for last as teenage girls (and boys) jumped around to the feminist anthem. She then came out for an acoustic encore of ‘Tokyo’ making a few endearing mistakes, but showcasing her incredible voice.

Ali Barter is a woman who floats between genres all whilst standing out, the show was a delight much like herself who encouraged her fans to come meet with her after the show. What a lady.

Reviewer and Photographer : Amy Heycock



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