[Live Review] THE NERVE

The Nerve - Courtney Fitzsimmons 07

Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Thursday November 21, 2013 :

What an awesome gig. “Short and sweet” summed it up, with both bands having a big impact with their short-but-intense sets.

King of the North sound HUGE, and the fact that they’re a two-piece is even more impressive. Using a variety of effects and tunings to replicate bass, the guitarist/drum duo churned out a mix of sludgy/bluesy riffs driven by a Grohl-style drum sound, which combined to sound like the Black Keys with balls. Killer.

God damn, it was great to see some of my favourite Aussie musos share the same stage. Featuring members of the now-defunct (and sorely missed) Cog and Mammal, there was no way that this band was going to disappoint. Lucius Borich is a drummer extraordinaire, but tonight he and bassist Davarj Thomas took a backseat to the incredible skills of virtuoso guitarist Glenn Proudfoot, and the absolute insanity of frontman Ezekiel Ox.

Zeke is without a doubt the most captivating frontman I’ve ever seen, and in The Nerve he’s finally found a band worthy of his talents. While some rock singers may rely on naturally attracting the focus of the crowd, Zeke refuses to accept anything less than full attention and will grab you by the throat to get it (literally). Zeke could be singing phrases from the dictionary and would still hold the crowd in the palm of his hand, and his social commentary is delivered with a passion that is awe-inspiring. The man believes in what he’s preaching and has zero fucks to give if you disagree.

Glenn Proudfoot’s skills are in demand around the world, and for good reason – he can shred with the best of them. Combining these metal-styled riffs and solos with the punk-aesthetic of the band is an odd mix, but one that definitely works in the live setting.

The band’s hour-long set was absolutely balls-to-the-wall, and only slowed down for Lucius to play an extended drum solo, (which Zeke enjoyed from the crowd). The band wrapped things up quite suddenly with no encore, however the band was happy to inform the crowd that they’d be supporting The Butterfly Effect on NYE at the Cambo.

No fucking way I’m missing that.

Reviewer: Matthew Glen
Photographer: Courtney Laura

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