[Live Review] SIGUR ROS (Sydney)

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Tuesday July 25, 2017 :

As soon as the band walked on to the stage the crowd was theirs. Opening with the unreleased ‘Á’, the band hypnotised the almost sold out Hordern Pavilion with their angelic like vocals and chest tightening crescendos.

Fan favourite ‘Festival’ with the light show at its extreme created a calming yet party like vibe. This was the loudest the crowd was and that’s not a bad thing. The respect and awe the audience had for this band was something else.

Like witnessing a dream, this Sigur Ros show was one of a kind. For a band who do not sing in English to evoke that many emotions in two hours is an amazing accomplishment. This show was something I didn’t know I needed on my bucket list but I am glad I got to tick it off.

Something so surreal and something so beautiful and I was lucky to be apart of it.

Reviewer : Sean Degan

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