[Live Review] VERA BLUE (Sydney)

Metro Theatre, Sydney
Friday July 29, 2017 :

Local heroine Vera Blue walks out to a sold out Metro Theatre in a floor length sheer dress, and her signature red hair cascading down to her waist. She beats illuminated drums along to opening track ‘First Week’.

Vera Blue is exceptionally brilliant, she captures the audience’s attention right away with her impeccable vocals moving around the stage, dropping down to her knees and jumping back up again all without missing a note. The only fault she displayed was when coming in to early for a song which she cheerfully pointed out to the packed crowd before beginning again. It really only made her more endearing.

Tracks from her recently released album Perennial where received well, especially the dancier tracks ‘Regular Touch’ played relatively early and female focused ‘Lady Powers’. Vera Blue (or Celia Pavey for those playing along at home) then further displays her skills as a gifted musician by playing acoustic guitar along to ‘Patterns’, showcasing her Irish heritage with Celtic inspired vocals, honestly can she be more of a sweet angel.

‘Hold’ being her most popular commercial track saw the crowd sing along passionately before she began throwing white roses out to her adoring fans, stirring up the crowd before the encore. Vera Blue expressed her gratitude for the crowd coming out, telling of how she has previously come to the venue as a punter and only hoped to one day be able to play to her own sold out crowd. This then led into the hero single from her latest album and punter favourite ‘Mended’.

Vera Blue is enchanting with her beauty, voice and honest lyrics. Her Mended Tour is not to be missed, and just incase you did, she will be back at the Metro Theatre for an All Ages show 2nd September.

Reviewer + Photographer : Amy Heycock

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